Leisure Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are the lowest maintenance of any pool on the market. Fiberglass pools require no acid-washing, re-plastering, or repainting, no liner to repair or replace. Money Magazine was quoted in a recent article “Fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain. The smooth surface and rounded corners do not chip tear or harbor bacteria algae.” It’s surface is nearly impervious to all swimming pool conditions. These pools are perfect for cold weather climates. Traditional pools made from gunite cannot withstand the movement and freeing ground the way fiberglass can . Concrete can crack whereas fiberglass can flex and return to its original shape. One last thing to take into consideration is it usually takes less than half the time to install a fiberglass pool than other types of in-ground pools.

Vinyl Liner Pools -

Steel wall pools are constructed to last forever. Their “build-to-last” design rests on a unique engineering and manufacturing process, which incorporates the use of sturdy steel-wall panels and components excellent for pool construction. Heavy gauge steel coated with the highest amount of zinc protection in the industry insures unrivaled durability. Covering steel is our high quality 20/30 mil. vinyl liner of choice.

Above Ground

The most obvious advantage to purchasing an above ground pool is they are significantly less expensive than in-ground pools. Another advantage is the short installation time, usually within one day! Maintenance is generally not time consuming and they are portable! You can easily take the pool down any time as needed. If you move out the pool can come with you. Our walls and frames are sturdy enough to withstand nature’s harshest conditions. The heaviest gauge steel in the industry and an advanced system of coatings and treatments provide exceptional resistance to ice, impact damage, corrosion, UV exposure and everyday wear and tear